Thermal & Energy Saving Properties

Easy Panel is tough yet light weight steel roof product that is core insulated to protect from the element. It will be the coolest thermal option for your entertaining area in summer and provide you with an aesthetically pleasing ceiling finish.

What are the trends relating to the use of Insulated (sandwich) panels?

With the well publicized issues relating to so called “Green House” gas emissions and the fact that we are depleting our ozone layer, new thermal transmission and air tightness regulations for external roof and walls systems in commercial buildings will be inevitable here in Australia, following the lead of other developed countries. These issues will see a significant increase in the use of insulated (sandwich) panels.

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Why are Insulated (sandwich) panels used?

Insulated panels are used extensively for roofing, patios, pergola, veranda and car ports.

They are selected for their thermal and energy saving properties along with their construction and installation cost saving benefits..

Easy Panel is an affordable ceiling insulated and roofing with an easy fit together installation system.



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