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November 20, 2019

How Much do Insulated Roof Panels Cost?

Getting your home ready for this summer.

Summer’s coming. And that means more time to spend with family and friends in and around the home. But are you reluctant to plan a big outdoor get-together because you have no wet-weather or scorching-hot-sun contingency to shelter all your guests? Or do you just want an extension for your home so your whole family can enjoy more room?

If you are thinking of extending your home with more undercover space where you can get protection from the strongest sun rays and have shelter from the rain, insulated roof panels are likely the answer for you. It’s a great way of adding value to your property and a stylish way to create new living spaces in and around your home.

But does it sound too time-intensive, complicated, or expensive? Well actually, it’s none of these.

As with many things, materials and technology have come a long way in recent years, and in the case of insulated roof panels, you can get highly durable, quality weather-resistant panels for just $52 ex GST per linear metre. That makes it cheaper than just about every other type of roofing panel of its kind.

For such an affordable price, it’s not worth mucking around with anything less. Why?

Because roofs made from poor quality materials deteriorate quickly in the harsh Australian climate. There are the headaches of fixing the roof as it begins to leak. And you will likely find yourself spending more money in the next five-to-ten years replacing inferior materials which get brittle and aged from the sun, wind and rain. Not to mention having to put up with it looking deteriorated just before it needs to get replaced.

Revolutionary roofing technology that makes everything do-able

Since entering the market five years ago, Easy Panel insulated roof panels have revolutionised the field and catered to demand. What does everyone want? Value for money. What does everyone want? Style and quality. What does everyone want? A roof that is super-easy to install, is maintenance-free and looks great for many, many years to come. That includes resisting the harsh Queensland climate: the scorching-hot sun and those humid subtropical rains that bear down relentlessly during our summer.

The Easy Panel insulated roofing panels are game-changers because:

  • They are a pre-fabricated roof, ceiling and insulation all in one. A lot of time and effort is saved from not having to install these three things layer by layer.
  • They are also pre-painted, so once installed, there is no need to spend additional time finishing it with several coats of paintwork. 
  • They are made of Pre-Painted Galvanised (PPG) steel which is galvanised steel that goes through an uncoiling and recoiling process, being treated, baked and dried in between.  This type of treatment gives the finished material a stylish look, exceptional durability and protection against corrosion. It is also friendly to the environment. 
  • Despite being multi-layered, they are lightweight, so are easy to pick up and handle. They require just one or two people to lift them up with ease.   
  • They have an unprecedented span of up to six metres, which is almost double that of other similar roofing panels.
  • They have an overlap joint that clicks in easily together rather than using a tongue and groove joint.  This is yet another innovation to make installation super-easy and fast.
  • For extra assurance, they come with a 15-year warranty.  But really, they last a whole lot longer than that.

With this many clever in-built features, and using Easy Panel’s clear step-by-step instructions, you can install these panels on your own in just a day or two. Or if you would like a tradesperson to install them for you, you can still save money because you limit the amount of time they need to spend on the project.

Summer, Summer, Summertime…

Easy Panel insulated roofing panels can make project completion super-fast. So when you think of this summer, it’ll be more about sitting back with friends and family, enjoying your new roof rather than having messy building materials scattered everywhere for weeks on end. And if it rains in the middle of that big get-together, you’re comfortably covered.

Need some inspiration for different looks? Just glance through our gallery.

Get the materials fast, and get started on your roofing project

Want to get going on the roofing project right away? Easy Panel are based in Underwood in Brisbane and can be purchased and picked up on the same day. Or fast delivery can be arranged throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich or the Gold Coast. Standard panels are available but customisation is available in different sizes and Colorbond colours—which only takes between one and three days.

You’ll ask yourself why you ever waited this long to get your roofing done. Any questions? Fill out this form or call our friendly team today on 07 3299 5541.

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