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November 20, 2019

How Much do Insulated Roof Panels Cost?

Getting your home ready for this summer.

Summer’s coming. And that means more time to spend with family and friends in and around the home. But are you reluctant to plan a big outdoor get-together because you have no wet-weather or scorching-hot-sun contingency to shelter all your guests? Or do you just want an extension for your home so your whole family can enjoy more room?

If you are thinking of extending your home with more undercover space where you can get protection from the strongest sun rays and have shelter from the rain, insulated roof panels are likely the answer for you. It’s a great way of adding value to your property and a stylish way to create new living spaces in and around your home.

But does it sound too time-intensive, complicated, or expensive? Well actually, it’s none of these.

As with many things, materials and technology have come a long way in recent years, and in the case of insulated roof panels, you can get highly durable, quality weather-resistant panels for just $52 ex GST per linear metre. That makes it cheaper than just about every other type of roofing panel of its kind.

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